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Something beautiful (1) :iconloopyfists:loopyfists 11 0
Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi: Zetsubou-chan, Act 1
PPGD: Zetsubou-chan
Act 1: Rosa Appasita
Prologue: Ingresso
 In the darkest depths of Black Eden, it was a completely normal day for the members of Darkstar Council. The grunts and lackeys of the dark abyss went around oh their daily business, performing menial tasks for their higher ups.
In one of the corridors, the metal appendaged Samantha was pacing, plans formulating in her mind. All the while, she could hear the voices of the Irken invader, Zim arguing with Mandark, the megalomaniacal child prodigy, for the fifth time that day. She off offhandedly noticed that Zim, was louder this time around, which usually meant he was losing, but quickly shook the thought away with annoyance, continuing with her planning.
In another hall, the white haired Bell was busy playing hide and seek with Zim's defective SIR unit, GIR. Out of everyone in Black Eden, the duo were the only two having any real fun.
Amist all of the usual ongoings, there was one other that
:iconloopyfists:loopyfists 2 0
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The Bodhisattva Cathedral
((This is a PPG Elseworld fanfiction. I had based it off of the fanfiction ‘Darkness bleeds Daylight’  by Desu Ze Prosezilla (otherwise known as  AkuBlossom on DA) as well as two characters. One (or rather two) are from his work and one from my own twisted PPG world. Read to find out.))
The Messiah, her face showing a look not of anger, calmly walked through the gray wasteland of buildings, thoughts of retribution encircling her mind. As the wind from the reddened sky whipped through her red hair, she tried to think of something other than petty vengeance, but how to approach the one she had called her "nemesis". Most would be wary traveling into the domain that the people had now called “The Beast’s Den”, but with each step, her thoughts had begun to shift from present to past...remembering how it all started...
In truth, it was actually called “The Harlot’s Den”, but after a rather unpleasant incide
:iconloopyfists:loopyfists 1 2
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For all you people who love pairings that the majority finds odd, this is our day to enjoy them!!

I'll be posting some for this weekend!!


none of your beeswax
United States
I'm just a magnificent bastard that happens to draw and write better than the average person.

I've gotta say, life is balls.

...but it's getting better.


Current Residence: somewhere
Favourite style of art: manga, digital
Personal Quote: -ROFLicious.... --Prepare to be air combo'd!!




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